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SurfShark’s powerful VPN is starting at just $1.99/mo which is way cheaper than most providers. Also, the speed is noteworthy and SurfShark also unblocks almost all major geo-restrictions in the first go.

Our Score

out of 10
What we liked most
  • Can connect unlimited devices
  • Exceptional speed on most servers
  • Many Protocols available such as- OpenVPN/UDP, OpenVPN/TCP, and IKEv2
  • Unblocks Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and geo-restricted YouTube
  • Strict no logs policy
What we liked less
  • Limited server network
  • The support sometime takes a lengthy time to respond

SurfShark Overview

SurfShark is one of the highly recognized VPN providers which hasn’t been in the market for long but has already made a name for themselves. Over the years, they’ve built a solid clientele and established a powerful VPN empire with creative features and functionality.

SurfShark optimizes well over 500 servers, scattered across 50 different countries. It has brilliant capabilities of supporting all kinds of devices, consoles, and even multiple protocols.

Offering peaceful surfing and downloading, without ever being traced is guaranteed by SurfShark. Apart from that, SurfShark also allows you to access geo-restricted content easily. Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, etc can also be unblocked and SurfShark even has P2P compatibilities.

I’ll dive deep into detail soon enough about all that, but first, let’s narrow down the one thing which matters the most; pricing. Let’s see what prices and discounts SurfShark is offering, as of 2019:

Pricing and Discounts

You can avail SurfShark at $11.95/mo on monthly billing, at $5.99/mo on an annual billing, and only at $1.99/mo on a 24-month billing.

If you go for the 24-month plan, you have to pay $47.76 in total which is cheaper than other competitive VPNs out there.

24 MonthsUS $1.99/monthSave 83%Billed US $47.76 every 24 months
12 MonthsUS $5.99/monthSave 50%Billed US $71.88 every 12 months
1 MonthUS $11.95/monthNo Savings!Billed US $11.95 every month

SurfShark VPN Review (Pricing)

Payment Options

SurfShark accepts payments varying from Master, AMEX, Discover, VISA credit cards, and in the form of Crypto Currency.

Now that we’ve established SurfShark blows other VPNs out of the water with the pricing, let’s discuss the performance and the connectivity I experienced with them.

Performance, Speed, and Stability

Speed Tests

As a customer, I didn’t have high expectation from SurfShark’s speed. After all, considering its rather inexpensive pricing range, I was assuming the speeds served by SurfShark will be tolerable, to say the least.

Let me tell you this; I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did SurfShark excel all my expectations, but they also nailed almost all server speed tests ran by us through

Download speed for the most popular server locations was exceptionally good with the UK server crossing 45-50 mbps and the European and US servers served almost similar speeds between 40-45 mbps.

The Australian server didn’t disappoint either like most VPNs tend to do. The catch was the Indian server, with below average download speed of around 6-8 mbps.

Before Connecting to Surfshark VPN:

PING ms 3
DOWNLOAD mbps 51.02
UPLOAD mbps 46.98

After Connecting to Surfshark VPN (UK):

PING ms 5
DOWNLOAD mbps 44.76
UPLOAD mbps 41.92

Note: Speed results from our physical location in India (50Mbps fibre optic connection).

SurfShark’s connections proved to be reliable as well. I noticed very few to no connection failures and every server was connected in the first try.

Leak Tests

Along with the speed tests, we also ran several IPv6 leak tests on different servers. To our fortunate surprise, there were no leak tests so far. It’s indeed astonishing that SurfShark is actually praise-worthy in masking your real IP address.

The Internet Kill Switch plays an important role and nonetheless, the user also gets to decide whether they want the VPN to automatically boost up when Windows is on, or you can manually connect to a particular server after the Startup.

Streaming and Torrenting

SurfShark VPNetflix

SurfShark’s saving grace is unblocking Netflix US and it remains to be one of its key features. We ran tests from different servers and 7 out of 8 locations were easily accessed.

There were a few quirks. On some days, streaming peacefully on Netflix was ensures. However, sometimes the Netflix servers did detect some unusual traffic and blocked access 2 out of 10 times. After selecting a new server location, the problem seemed to be resolved.

SurfShark VPN Review (Features)


It’s a relief that SurfShark allows the users to torrent in peace. SurfShark enables you to access restricted torrenting sites with utmost security.

Your IP will never be traced and whichever server you’ve connected to, SurfShark allows you to stay anonymous through and through.

P2P enabled

Not a lot of VPNs are capable to brace the hard-core P2P capabilities. You no longer need to download files from one server to another; SurfShark makes it sufficiently easier and the P2P functionality has never seemed smoother.

Hulu, BBC iPlayer and other streaming websites

Other than that, SurfShark also unblocks major streaming platforms such as YouTube US, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc. Just connect to any server you fancy and start streaming in HD. It conceals your traffic entirely and leaves no room for leaks anywhere.

Platforms and Devices

Supported Apps and Devices

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Router
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Getting started with SurfShark is the easiest. The first thing I did was install Windows Client and I admired that they didn’t require me to open a browser or extension for choosing the VPN plan. Moreover, the payments could be made through the client.

    Furthermore, I derived that SurfShark is compatible with the Mac, Windows as well as Linux OS. You can also log in with SurfShark through your IOS or Android phones, along

    Supported Browser Extensions

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • SurfShark offers proxy extension for Chrome and Firefox Internet browsers. A proxy isn’t as secure as a rock-solid VPN, but it ensures safe surfing efficient so I found these browser extensions really reliable.

    Supported Gaming Consoles and Steaming Devices

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon TV
  • Chromecast
  • Nintendo
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • Roku
  • SurfShark is highly compatible streaming devices such as the FireTV and Andriod Tv.

    Another plus point; they don’t’ limit the number of devices you optimize SurfShark on. As far as they are concerned, log into as many devices as you possibly can.

    There’s a catch here though; you cannot connect SurfShark to a gaming console. I tested using it on a PS, but was in vain.

    Security Measures

    Privacy and Logging Policy

    SurfShark bares no logs under its premise. A strict no logging policy is narrowed down in great detail to ensure that no information, such as the user’s data content, browser history, password, internet traffic, DNS inquiries or any kind of online activity can be collected by SurfShark.

    It does collect your email address and subscription details but that’s about it.


    SurfShark is powered by the 256-bit AES encryption technology. The encryption is enabled over the VPN by default and the 256-bit AES encryption is also used by many government based agencies and economical organizations all over the world.

    Internet Kill Switch

    The Internet Kill Switch plays an important role in protecting your IP. Whenever you are surfing or downloading something, if the VPN disconnects, SurfShark automatically cuts off your internet connection in order to secure your IP from being traced.


    CleanWeb is a blocker which prevents any kind of ads, trackers, spams, or malware to get in the way of surfing. SurfShark really wants the users to have a safe experience. The CleanWeb is astonishingly efficient and tracks any threat from a mile away, then proceeds to automatically block it immediately.


    MultiHop is an ultimate feature provided by SurfShark. It connects with multiple countries servers, which will add an extra layer of encryption. Routing your traffic through two or more servers in separate countries gives you a higher level of security & privacy.

    SurfShark Multihop

    Bypassing Censorship

    Some countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc have higher censorship protocols than the US, UK or Australia. In light of that, many VPNs fail to work in censored countries.

    SurfShark may easily unblock geo-restrictions in the US, EU or Asian servers but fail to bypass censorship in China.

    Customer Support

    It’s a good thing that SurfShark has live support which is available day in and day out just to sort out customer’s queries. The support is managed by a team of experts and they are conveniently friendly to carry out a conversation with. The live chat isn’t immediately responsive and on some occasions may take a while to respond.

    Apart from that, SurfShark’s support site also has a list of tutorials relating to the setup and installation process so the user could help themselves should any trouble arises.

    To sum it all up

    A VPN is everyone’s first choice for security but it’s really a shame since people nowadays are more prone to go for hotshot VPN providers with humongous prices rather than the ones which are admittedly small-scale but offer the same advanced features at economic prices.

    The most important thing for a VPN is to guarantee anonymity, and in our opinion, SurfShark is by far one of the best VPNs I’ve tried when it comes to that.

    Along with that, the speeds are also exceptional on most servers and tolerable on distant locations. Of course, the support could see some improvement and considering the scale of the company, SurfShark needs to expand their network bases a bit more.

    Do I recommend SurfShark?

    Well, after narrowing down all the pros and cons of SurfShark, I’d say it’s a pretty decent competitor. It sure has its catches but the advanced set of features SurfShark provides more than makes up for all the quirks.

    SurfShark’s powerful VPN is starting at just $1.99/mo which is way cheaper than most providers. Also, the speed is noteworthy and SurfShark also unblocks almost all major geo-restrictions in the first go.

    I definitely think you should give SurfShark a try and I’m sure you’ll feel just as ecstatic as I do to have found such a quality VPN.

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