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NordVPN is excellent in terms of security and anonymity. The worldwide servers supply lightning speed on most days and it can unblock almost all geo-restricted websites.

Our Score

out of 10
What we liked most
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Internet Kill switch
  • Fast speeds on almost all popular locations
  • 24/7 online ticket system and live chat support
  • Pay in crypto
  • Excellent security measures
What we liked less
  • Netflix US continuously requires servers switch to unblock

NordVPN Overview

NordVPN is hands down the safest ever VPN which ensures the encryption of data, not only once but twice to prevent any third party from getting through your data, or your IP for that matter.

Features like, simplified Connect and Disconnect button with a single click, extraordinarily high internet speed, along with an Auto-kill switch that kills the website if your VPN accidentally shuts down, are enabled.

While some VPNs are outrageously tricky to operate, NordVPN is a boss when it comes to simplicity. All the extra fuss is already taken care of by NordVPN. All you have to do is simply click on the Connect/Disconnect button to enroll.

NordVPN Kill Switch

NordVPN has spread out their servers all across the globe so the customers can take full advantage of their worldwide availability. NordVPN has 5,148 servers scattered across the globe in more than 57 different countries. Thus far, juries claim that NordVPN has left no trace of exposure.

Pricing and Discounts

You can avail NordVPN’s services at $11.95/mo on a monthly billing, at $6.99/mo on a yearly billing, and at $3.99/mo on a two-year billing, and at just $2.99/mo on a three-year billing.

3 YearsUS $2.99/monthSave 75%Billed US $107.55 every 3 years
2 YearsUS $3.99/monthSave 66%Billed US $95.75 every 2 years
1 YearUS $6.99/monthSave 41%Billed US $83.88 every year
1 MonthUS $11.95/monthNo Savings!Billed US $11.95 every month

The longer your plan, the more money you’re likely to save.

NordVPN Review (Pricing)

Speed, Performance & Stability

Speed Tests

When an Internet connection lags, it creates uninvited troubles. I don’t think there’s any need for me to point out the disadvantages of a poor internet speed; you already know the specifics. Limited Internet speed doesn’t depend entirely on your network operator. Your VPN provider needs to take some reigns as well.

It is the duty of a VPN to offer internet speed which is faster than lightning itself. NordVPN fulfills its duty entirely. It gives you such blazing speed to avoid any chaos or impediment caused by lagging internet.

The popular locations such as the UK, UE, USA and Australian servers performed exceptionally well with around 75-80mbps. However, NordVPN couldn’t provide the same lightning-fast speed all the time. There were occasions when NordVPN’s speed became extremely low too in the farther regions such as the Asian and African servers.

Leak tests

NordVPN has a very thorough DNS and Leak protection installed. We ran tests to figure out if NordVPN is really as solid as it claims to be. When we tried to set up our VPN manually, without using any protocol, we encountered several DNS leaks.

However, this issue was immediately resolved when we decided to connect NordVPN through OpenVPN and there were no IPv6 leaks found thereafter.

NordVPN Servers

Streaming and Torrenting

NordVPN for Netflix

NordVPN provides decent access to almost all Netflix servers. However, there’s a catch which you should know. NordVPN is capable of unblocking Netflix but as you may know Netflix’s security is rock-solid and sometimes, it derives some unusual traffic coming from you and blocks access to your temporary IP.

In such a case, you have to manually select a location once again and when you’re allotted another IP, you can access Netflix back again.


Torrenting is one of the prime reasons why users purchase a VPN in the first place. Due to restrictions, torrenting isn’t exactly allowed and downloading files without any security from such unsafe torrent sites is only asking for trouble.

NordVPN’s torrenting capabilities are also note-worthy. Many VPNs shy away from allowing torrenting, but NordVPN isn’t one of them. Almost all torrent sites could be visited and as long as you stay under the law guidance, you shouldn’t get into any trouble at all.

NordVPN allows Torrenting, but only on a handful servers locations. We were restricted access on well over 4 major torrenting websites out of 8. The torrent enabled and working servers don’t limit your bandwidth or downloading capacity which is a plus point, though if you are prone to abuse the torrenting capacity of NordVPN, it might immediately block your access.

P2P enabled

File sharing is made easier than ever, thanks to the brilliant P2P capacity of NordVPN. There aren’t many VPN providers which can afford such a remarkable feature. NordVPN, on the other hand, spares us from all the trouble of downloading files from one server to another.

Instead of doing all that, NordVPN enables the user to act as uploaders so they can share files over the Internet more securely and efficiently. There’s a slight catch; NordVPN can only enable P2P on a limited number of servers.

Youtube US, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime and Other Streaming websites

Not only Netflix, but NordVPN can grant you access to many restricted or limited streaming platforms such as Youtube US, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and a few others.

Platforms and Devices

Supported Apps & Devices

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Router
  • Raspberry Pi
  • There are many VPNs which are adamant and provides the services over just a single device. This basically means that no more than one device can use the VPN security. This can be a bummer if you’ve got several devices lined up needing VPN security.

    NordVPN, meanwhile, is compatible with not only one, but up to 6 separate devices. You can easily optimize NordVPN on your Windows, Mac, Linux devices and even on routers.

    People are more prone to operate on smartphones rather than desktops or laptops. While you can easily handle your work over computers, you need to secure untraceable transactions over your mobile phones as well.

    NordVPN provides mobile VPN apps for platforms varying from iOS to Android. This is a solid approach to ensure user-friendly and practical navigation.

    Supported Browser Extensions

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • NordVPN is also compatible with proxy extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox Mozilla browsers. There are simple add-ons for NordVPN which can conveniently be downloaded and used in your browser immediately.

    Supported Gaming consoles and; Steaming devices

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon TV
  • Chromecast
  • Nintendo
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • Roku
  • NordVPN supports an array of devices, varying from Gaming consoles such as Play Stations, Roku, Xbox, etc. and is compatible with lots of streaming devices such as Amazon Fire Tv, Android TV, ChromeCast, and Nintendo.

    Security Measures

    Privacy and Logging policy

    NordVPN is a firm believer in delivering only the strongest of security measures for the users so they can surf without ever being traced and taking the extra mile to ensure a solid experience of safe browsing.

    NordVPN makes sure that all the strings are pulled in order to guarantee no peeking over the user’s data, therefore, sticking to the no-exposure policy.


    I’m sure you must be aware of how Encryption plays an important role when it comes down to security. The strongest security is one which knows how to carry out encryption with utmost excellence.

    NordVPN, on the other hand, ensures encryption not once but twice just to provide the strongest of security measures to users. Nothing ever gets past NordVPNs encryption, which is why it’s known for being the strongest security to withstand.

    Protected IP address

    Along with making it easier to access restricted websites like a pro, NordVPN also conceals your IP address from any concerned parties. NordVPN masks your IP address so it can be replaced with another address; one which is similar to the remote server, therefore making it possible to access blocked sites without being traced.

    Dedicated IP

    NordVPN tends to replace your IP address with ones which are similar to the remote servers whenever you access restricted websites. This results in constantly having to switch from one IP address to another.

    While some users are fine with this process; some simply don’t find it suitable. NordVPN offers a dedicated IP address which is entirely safe and sound, at an added cost for those who wish to stick to one address only.


    When it comes to concealing your identity, there’s certainly no match for NordVPN. Not only does NordVPN masks your IP address and encrypts the data twice, but it also masks your identity from the world, therefore making you entirely anonymous.

    The strictest anonymity policy is placed which protects the user and ensures the safest environment possible.

    Bypassing Censorship

    The great Firewall of China is no child’s play. Actually breaking or fooling the firewall is equivalent to walking on coals. The majority of VPNs do not come even remotely close of doing that.

    Now the real question is; is NordVPN capable of bypassing access in such countries with extremely strict censorship rules? Well, the answer is yes, it reliably does.

    Customer Support

    As we all know, the whole façade of VPNs is very complicated. Some people might be blessed with technical knowledge but some aren’t. It’s a sole duty of a company to ensure technical assistance at all times in order to maintain a better client/provider relationship.

    The silver lining is that NordVPN has its separate support page which handles all installation and technical guides regarding the VPN set up and other general information. They also offer Live chat support which is usually responded back within minutes or sometimes seconds.

    The support is handled by an agent; also the way they handle the customer and their queries is noteworthy.

    To sum it all up

    Network security has become a basic necessity after the reign of hackers and ad agencies have taken all over the Internet. Your delicate information could easily fall into wrong hands and what you’ve worked so hard to build will easily crumble to dust if you aren’t careful enough.

    NordVPN is excellent in terms of security and anonymity. The worldwide servers supply lightning speed on most days and it can unblock almost all geo-restricted websites.

    The overall user feedback is also in favour of NordVPN’s capabilities and the set of features that it offers; in such considerate price range is unmatched. The worldwide server locations provide for an outstanding user experience.

    Do I recommend NordVPN?

    My experience speaks rather highly of NordVPN. According to me, NordVPN is easily one of the most secure and safest VPN providers in the market currently. It’s remarkably inexpensive and could simply be afforded by anyone.

    According to me, NordVPN is a powerful VPN, one which will most definitely keep your network secure under any circumstance. All things considered, NordVPN is definitely an option worth considering.

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