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The performance is pretty acceptable; the user-interface varies from device to device. Streaming major sites such as Netflix, Hulu, etc is uninterrupted and you can connect your routers, gaming consoles and even your mobiles phones with CyberGhost.

Our Score

out of 10
What we liked most
  • Can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously
  • The worldwide reach of 60 countries
  • 60Mbps+ global download speed
  • Compatible with The Orion Router (TOR)
  • Solid Jurisdiction- No leaks detected so far
What we liked less
  • Below Average speed in distant locations, such as Australia and Asia
  • Cannot bypass censorship in China

CyberGhost Overview

CyberGhost is counted amongst the most renowned and globally-optimized no-log VPNs with tremendously strong privacy features and outstanding functionality. The astonishing performance which CyberGhost serves is the reason why unlocking major streaming apps and sites is now easier than ever.

In addition to the standard VPN services, CyberGhost offers a lot of extra bonuses which I’m sure will definitely be beneficial in so many terms.

Apart from accessing restricted apps and sites, CyberGhost is more than capable of blocking out hazardous malware and ads that are highly inappropriate and irritating.

The VPN allows to stream HP video quality on top streaming sites and CyberGhost is also compatible with the new Amazon Fire TV Stick so you could enhance your experience top-notch.

Well, there are dozens of brilliant classifications which you should be aware of, but I’d rather not get into the features just yet.

Instead, let’s dive into the pricing plans which CyberGhost offers and take a look at all the enchanting discounts we could claim.

Pricing and Discounts

CyberGhost has a variety of pricing packages, most of which include the same set of features, with a few additional changes now and then.

However, they give you options to make payments either every month, 6 months or every year. 1 month is bit expensive and will cost you $12.99 per month.

3 YearsUS $2.75/monthSave 79%Billed US $99 for every 3 years
2 YearsUS $3.69/monthSave 72%Billed US $88.56 every 2 years
1 YearUS $5.99/monthSave 54%Billed US $71.88 every year
1 MonthUS $12.99/monthNo Savings!Billed US $12.99 every month

CyberGhost offers a longest money-back guarantee that is 45-days, and if you opt 1 month plan then still you will get 14-days full money back guarantee.

CyberGhost Reviews (Pricing)

Payment methods

CyberGhost accepts multiple payment methods such as Credit card, Paypal, and BitPay. UnionPay and AliPay options are not acceptable.

Performance, Speed, and Stability

Speed Tests

First and foremost, let’s talk about speed.

Calculating the overall performance of a VPN is not exactly a cake walk, in all honesty. A VPN involves dozens of factors which always should be counted into action otherwise the precise performance couldn’t be measured.

We’ve tried several websites to determine whether CyberGhost lacks in some aspects or not. Apart from that, we’ve also tested several global servers, especially those which derive the speed of your Internet connection, for example, SpeedTest by Ookla.

So far, I found that CyberGhost’s speed is pretty tolerable. I wouldn’t exactly call it slow, but I cannot claim that it’s lightning-fast either. So speed wise, CyberGhost is pretty average compared to other competitive VPNs. However, the average global speed for HD streaming and gaming works exceptionally well in some regions.

Of course, the speed could use some improvement in less common and distant connections. Other than that, my experience was quite solid.

Leak Tests

CyberGhost has a very solid Romanian Jurisdiction which is an excellent security choice for concealing your IP address. We ran our Leak tests on several servers from different countries and were pleased to encounter no IPv6 leaks could easily be detected.

Other than that, we also thoroughly double checked CyberGhost’s installation process to ensure no virus or malware could ever risk snooping into your IP.

Streaming and Torrenting

CyberGhost VPN for Netflix

Unblocking Netflix is CyberGhost’s main selling point. Many VPNs tend to shy away from getting into Netflix’s servers; after all, it’s the biggest streaming platform. Fortunately, CyberGhost isn’t one to be easily deterred.

CyberGhost has issued its own unique server which is operated to keep changing the user’s IP address, so the Netflix servers wouldn’t be able to track the user down and it would be impossible to crack their IP.

Overall, CyberGhost unblocks Netflix’s geo restrictions like a boss.


Torrenting and P2P is the ability that not many VPNs even include to begin with. While those which are capable of it, they simply don’t allow or favor torrenting on their VPNs.

CyberGhost isn’t counted among those. Soon after you launch CyberGhost, you’ll notice a purple box which says “Torrent Annonymously”. It lets you Ghost download torrent links using untraceable servers, which by the way, are automatically allotted to you.

Torrenting safely, without ever being traced, is made easier than ever thanks to CyberGhost.

P2P Enabled

Not only does CyberGhost allow the user to surf anonymously over torrent websites, but it also permits safe and secure downloads as well. There’s another silver lining; you can share or upload bulky files without ever being tracked.

Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and other streaming websites

Other streaming sites are working like a charm as well. Other than Netflix, accessing Hulu is always pretty trouble-free.

BBC iPlayer is another story altogether. I did not face any problems while unlocking the BBC iPlayer initially. However, after a day or two, my IP addresses were constantly being restricted. The BBC iPlayer’s servers are exceptionally solid and can crack your unique IP’s within a few days or so.

CyberGhost Servers

Platforms and Devices

Supported Apps & Devices

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Router
  • Raspberry Pi
  • You should be aware that CyberGhost has desktop variants, browser extensions, as well as mobile apps. Thankfully enough, the mobile applications are a lot easier to optimize than the desktop ones. Obviously, desktop software’s can get a tad comprehensive and overwhelming.

    The Andriod and IOS apps both are a little different in itself. The IOS app enables you to connect to the server nearest you and each location shows already connected members and their information. You can readily select the server of your choice as well.

    The Andriod app, on the other hand, includes some changes. Upon launching the CyberGhost app, it doesn’t show the wifi you’re connected to, as the IOS app does. It also adds some features which the IOS app doesn’t include such as compressing data, blocking trackers and harmful sites, etc.

    Supported Browser Extensions

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • CyberGhost offers browser proxy entensions compatible for Chrome and Firefox as well. Although, the proxy version isn’t at detailed and secure as the desktop version, but it does the job well nonetheless.

    Supported Gaming consoles & Steaming devices

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon TV
  • Chromecast
  • Nintendo
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • Roku
  • Gaming online is not exactly safe, if you aren’t using a VPN. While there are geo-restrictions attached, there are also risks of harmful malware and trackers as well. Not a lot of VPNs can be connected to streaming devices or gaming consoles but CyberGhost can.

    It supports a wide range of gaming consoles and streaming devices as well.

    Devices such as PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, ChromeCast, and much more, are easily compatible with CyberGhost. You can simply connect them through the configured router.

    CyberGhost Review (Devices)

    Security Measures

    Let’s narrow down the security CyberGhost offers.

    Privacy and Logging Policy

    CyberGhost operates on a very strong no-logs policy. When you open their website, one of the first things you’ll see in the top is ‘Strict no logs policy’. The real question is whether CyberGhost it true to its own words or not.

    CyberGhost has been in a few controversies regarding the logging policy, however, I did not see any issue regarding the same. CyberGhost does not obtain or monitor your browsing histories, passwords, data, IP address or even your searches.

    As soon as you connect with CyberGhost, your online activity is no longer available to any third-party, trackers, or even CyberGhost itself.


    When it comes to encryption, I have to say CyberGhost doesn’t disappoint. In order to maintain a more secure connection, CyberGhost carries out solid encryption which is powered with the AES-256 cipher technology used by governments and top-authorities.

    Their encryption is considered near impossible to penetrate and they also have a VPN kill switch which prevents your original IP address from being transparent even when the VPN connection appears to have an issue.


    When it comes down to privacy, CyberGhost is an excellent choice of VPN. It may lack in the speed department, though CyberGhost sure makes up for it through its privacy measures. One thing I liked most about CyberGhost is that it always connected through TCP, which works with your IP and helps you stay untraceable.

    Bypassing Censorship

    Fooling the great firewall of China is no child’s play. Only the best and most secure VPNs in the market are up for the task. Unfortunately, as of 2019, CyberGhost isn’t among those VPNs which can bypass the rock-solid censorship in China or cannot work effectively in any censoring countries with strict VPN blocks.

    Customer Support

    When we’re talking about customer support, there’s really no competition for CyberGhost. This VPN provider really cares for the users and it shows.

    You’d be surprised by the sheer number of guides and articles you can easily find regarding their services. You can find a guide for each of the device, console, app, extension, and even operating systems. There are also guides of showing how to troubleshoot problems if you ever face one.

    CyberGhost has live support which is available throughout day and night. The respond back time is pretty decent and the team is also very friendly and professional at the same time.

    To sum it all up

    I’ve narrowed down everything which you needed to know about CyberGhost. In a nutshell, it’s a VPN which offers everything you can ask in such considerable prices.

    The performance is pretty acceptable; the user-interface varies from device to device. Streaming major sites such as Netflix, Hulu, etc is uninterrupted and you can connect your routers, gaming consoles and even your mobiles phones with CyberGhost. After all, it can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously. And, If you want a VPN which can connect with unlimited devices then SurfShark is a best alternative. Click here for our detailed review of SurfShark VPN.

    CyberGhost’s Windows client is rather impressive and opens up with six tiles containing the tasks we wish to perform. We could do anything, from surfing anonymously to Ghost downloading, to even using P2P untraced.

    Despite all the amazing traits, if there’s one thing CyberGhost cannot do is bypass censorship in China. Therefore, if you’re looking to use a VPN in China, a best alternative is NordVPN. Check out our review of NordVPN here.

    Do I recommend CyberGhost?

    Now time for the real question- do I, or do I not recommend you guys to use CyberGhost?

    Well, it sure has its downfalls. However, the number of features you get at such affordable prices, I would say, you should definitely go for it.

    In fact, I would suggest you make the three-year payment in order to obtain a maximum 81% discount.

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